7 Essential Cell Phone Etiquettes that Only You Can Teach Your Child

Kids are found to be learning more from their parents and it true for your kid too. There can’t be a better teacher for your child than you. So, whether it is your toddler learning letters or tween to learn handling the techie stuffs and high tech gadget, or it is the etiquettes for using these gadgets, you’re the best person to teach them all!

chidl using cell phone

But most importantly your kid learns more from your actions and activities than the preaching you do. Are you practicing what you want your kid to learn? So, every time you shout at somebody on the phone, you’re child picks it up!

Nobody but you can teach your child the basic cell phone etiquettes.

Check out the 7 most essential cell phone etiquettes that every child must learn.

1# Not to Talk Too Long on the Phone When Somebody in Person Waiting for you

Some people just don’t see if people around them are waiting for them and keep talking on the phone for long hours. This is not a good habit. In fact, it is out of etiquettes to do this. If your child is doing this, you need to check it.

But as the rule goes, you can’t teach until you practice yourself. If your child finds you talking on the phone for long hours you can’t expect him not to do it.

#2 Not to Use the Phone in the Middle of Some Other Important Task

Imagine you’re out on a family outing and having dinner at the restaurant and your child starts talking to somebody on the phone or starts texting out of nowhere, or perhaps his entire focus is on the game in his mobile than the ice cream served on the table. Wouldn’t you find it irritating? Teach your child that every time is not a cell phone usage time.  When with friends or family or doing something important, mobile must not come in between.

Once again, practice it yourself if you want your child to do it. So, no call from office no telephonic meeting when going out with the family.

#3 Not to be a Social Networking Meanie or Gossiper

Tell your child the consequences of posting bad or mean comments and posts on the social networking sites. You’d often read about celebrities posting mean things online or throwing insulting comments on others, well they actually survive on such things as they need to grab the attention. But sometimes it can go really wrong, even for them and your kid isn’t a celebrity, his gossip or mean post online can ruin his reputation or haunt him all through his life.

There have been cases of young adults not getting admission in school or college or internship because of a bad post they published on the social networking sites. Your child’s funny gossip can be a terrible mistake. After all your child isn’t Amanda Bynes throwing awfully mean tweets on Rihanna!! But if you yourself have been a social meanie, stopping your child will be difficult, better check yourself as well!!

#4 Not to be a Texting Freak All through the Day

Kids these days just don’t put down their cell phones and keep texting all the time, which is both being unmannerly when in a gathering or with others and addictive at the same time. Make a rule that there won’t be any texting at the time of dinner, doing homework, or when your family has some other important engagement.

#5 Not to Use Cell Phone when behind the Steering Wheel

Cell phone shouldn’t be used while driving as it is a dangerous activity which can lead to a fatal accident. And of course it is out of etiquettes to break the traffic rules. Don’t let your child do this and make sure that you don’t do it either.

#6 No Mean Message Please

Remember how one mean telephone message that Alec Baldwin sent to his daughter ended up in his child custodial case going in the favor of his wife? Tell your child not to send any mean message in any possible way whether a text message or an email or calls on the answering machine like the one that Alec sent. This can be ruinous for your child.

But if your child finds you shouting or screaming on the phone or using profanity in your language you’ll not be able to teach your child anything good at all.

7# No Illegal Music, Video, and App Download

There are numerous online sites where music, video and applications can be downloaded illegally right on the cell phone. Doing this is illegal, socially incorrect, and harmful. Learning illegal things can make your child morally corrupt. But your child will learn from what you do, check your illegal downloading habits to check your child’s habits.

But How will You do this?

Teaching etiquettes may look easy but your child may go astray when you aren’t keeping track on your child’s unwanted and unacceptable activities. So, how are you going to keep a close track on what your child does?

Can Monitoring your Child’s Mobile Usage Help?

Yes, indeed! In teaching your child the essential cell phone usage etiquettes, you’ll need to keep a close track of all the things that your child does on the phone in your absence. So, your child doesn’t post any mean comment when you are around but what when you aren’t there? And how do you know if your child is breaking or following the traffic rules? And what about the illegal downloading habits?

Pretty simple, just install cell phone monitoring software on your child’s cell phone and it will help you keep a close track of all the things that your child does through the phone! You’ll know when your child uses his phone in making and receiving calls, getting and replying the text messages, searching the Internet and posting things on the social networking sites!

And interestingly, you’ll be able to block the unacceptable events from taking place like illegal downloading can be restricted, undesirable sites can be blocked and so on!

So, there you have a way to make it easier to teach your child the basic mannerism and accepted behavior on the latest technological communication platforms!

When you have your scruples to help you check your own activities and habits, your mobile monitoring app is the technical ‘conscience’ keeping a close watch on bad or unruly activities of your child!

Have a happy parenting!!


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