How to Parental Monitor your Kid the Right Way in the Digital Era

kid texting Our kids are surrounded by hundreds of digital devices starting from PCs, laptops, tablets, cell phones and various kinds of gaming devices, portable music systems, and so on. If you still choose to stay digitally illiterate, you’ll never know what your kid actually does in her everyday life.

Out of all the other digital devices, cell phones (read them as smart phones) are the most commonly available ones and most kids have their own handhelds around everywhere. The modern handhelds are remarkably versatile. And kids use them more for entertainment than for necessary actions like making a call. Well, to be more precise, kids have forgotten how to make a call, ever since they have stopped using the landline phones!

Texting, message chatting, or leaving a message on various social networking apps are the latest ways that kids use for communicating with others.  In the technically advanced world around you, it is essential for you to know how these technically smart devices are generally used and how exactly our kids use them and in what way you can ensure that they aren’t using their devices in damagingly wrong ways.

Parental monitoring measures for better upbringing and safer lives of your child have come a long way with the technological changes around the world and you need to learn them all!

 Below are the tips that will help you in parenting your child the best way.

Get digitally educated

Though most parents are digitally smart, you too must have got your own digital devices, there still are several things that most parents don’t know or don’t care to know. You simply need to brush up your skills in those neglected areas. If your child owns an iPhone and you have never used one till now and feel happy with your BlackBerry, you need to learn how an iPhone works and certain features which are unique of their kind and you’ve never known about them. Next you need to learn is how kids screw up their phones just to keep things hidden from you!

Read about all kinds of digital devices, their usage, and other latest things about them. Learn how to handle apps, games, software and other things that you haven’t used yet. Also, stay active with digital communication, social networking and various communication apps like What’app, Skype and the likes even if they don’t appear very sensible to you or they don’t form a part of your everyday task. They may appear as time wasting materials to you but you still need to make them a part of your life for your child’s safety and of course, to know when your child is trying to make a fool of you!

Try thinking the way an average teenager does

It is undeniably true that parents and kids from every era feel a kind of generation gap. And it is equally true that there is and there always will be a kind of difficulty in understanding what actually goes on inside the younger brains! But with some effort, you can always get to know your child’s psychology and the way he or she thinks, performs a particular action or handles a certain situation. You simply need to stay active about the things happening around you, especially the ones that involve the teens of the day and their pop culture to get a better idea about them.

Know your child well

Communicate with your child, spend some time together, learn what keeps your child busy when you aren’t there; this will help you know about your child really well. When you already know what you can expect your kid to do, it will be easier to make things safer and better for her. If your kid texts all the time, you’ll need to check what kind of text messages makes her happy or sad; similarly, if she is more to chatting or gaming make sure you have checked who her online gaming partners are and with whom she chats all the time.

Let technology be at your service

Technology is the new religion of the world. And to handle technology well, it is technology that works the best! You know your child uses her digital devices the wrong way. You find your child always stuck to her digital handheld; texting or chatting all the time; searching the Internet for every single thing that she has to do be it her homework or to  make out the bus route from home to her friend’s place; you need to monitor her handheld. And to do this effectively, using proper technology is a must.

One of the best ways to keep track of your child’s cell phone activities and know what exactly is happening in her digital life is to use a cell phone tracking app that records every little thing happening on your child’s phone. Some of these apps go far beyond the cell phones and let you track GPS location of your child to know her exact location, and even keep a proper track of the routes she take; listen to what she talks on the phone and things she downloads from the Internet, even if your child lies to you and deletes away most of the information, you can still get to know about the things that your child does with her digital device and even the ones that she does in the real life!


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